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One of the world's biggest car manufacturers has taken a crucial step to ensure its employees can get much needed time away – by automatically deleting any emails that land in their inboxes.The German car manufacturer Daimler has guaranteed its staff a relaxing break when they take one. 


Those who send an email to the vacationing employee are notified by a “Mail on Vacation” message that the email “has not been received”, and the sender is invited to contact another employee instead. The trend comes as more than half of office staff admit to checking their their emails while on a vacation.



**Phoner: How would you feel about this? Would you be more relaxed or terrified if you knew that no one could email you while you are away?






​Parents will fork out some $8.5 billion on back-to-school electronics this year. That works out to around $200-$300 per child on new gadgets alone. According to a recent shopping survey, laptops are at the top of the list for back-to-school tech tools. When it comes to smartphones, another survey showed that two out of every three parents think teens actually need one. Many kids prefer tablets over laptops and then of course there are all of the accessories you need to buy to outfit those electronics.


It’s a wonder anyone over the age of 30 was ever able to get a quality education!​



**Phoner: If you could go back to experience life as your kids are experiencing it now with all of the technology at their fingertips, would you?​






Perhaps being nice can only get you so far. A new study reveals that looking angry is key to getting what you want. A study from Harvard University says that the best negotiation tactic is to look irritated, with slanted brows, glaring eyes and tight lips. 


Apparently an angry expression makes you seem more credible because people intuitively think it’s genuine.



**Well that explains the boss!


**Of course it will be fun if both you and the person you are negotiating with have heard that looking irritated is the key to getting what you want!






Watching Home Alone will have most parents believe that a child should never be left alone, but one mother is challenging this idea. Lizzie Heiselt is a mother of three and feels it's important for parents to draw the line between protecting their children and keeping them from developing confidence.


So, on occasion, she leaves her seven-year-old son in their apartment for short periods of time of 45 minutes or less, and she says the independence and confidence it gives him is well worth it.



**Phoner: When do you think is the right age to leave your kids home alone?






If you have ever stood at the cash register after buying groceries and thought, “How did I spend so much?”, here are a couple of things to remember.


Before you step out the door, it's always advisable to be organized with your grocery shopping. If you follow a list, you won't be buying more than you need or buying unnecessary items. And don't go hungry! Going to the grocery store with an empty stomach is never a good idea. You'll end up buying more than you need with hunger pains clouding your judgment.






Q: Over 50% of parents let their kids do this. What?


A: Win at games